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by on February 14, 2013

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  1. That is a big headed dog LOL, beautitul picture my friend. Thanks for the invite.



  2. Lory Nakamura permalink

    Marco, i accepted it the first time and now again. i also seem to have a blog now …! 🙂 imagine that ! i still dont understand how to navigate this properly, but hope this is what you asked . my username is lorymusanaka. now what do i do …still not clear !! haha !


  3. Hi, Lory. I’m still wandering around in this blog arena myself. But I’m glad you now have yet another venue for interaction.


    • Lory Nakamura permalink

      me too ! especially since i dont know where my emails end up nowadays (the other day it happened with Mark too !!!)
      By the way, the one where i posted the first blog comment is another blog site ?? you have two now ??


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