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The problems and mysteries of life

by on February 25, 2013

There are many ways to approach the problems and mysteries of life.  One of them is to become cynical and contemptuous of those who still seek some meaning in their lives.  To become a skeptic is also another way of trying to figure out what is true and false when it comes to human experiences.  There is the way of faith, which is not unreasonable but this path leaves the seeker open to the scorn of those who choose another way.  In any case, doubt about ones path I believe will always be a part of the journey.  To deny the reality of doubt can lead one to becoming angry and overbearing when dealing with others.  Ubber-skeptics, village atheist and extreme fundamentalist of any religious faith easily fall into this trap.

There are different levels of communication.  One level allows all sides to discuss their differences, to listen closely and to limiting the power of negative stereotypes to get in the way of mutual communication.  It also helps to understand that others can’t be changed nor can beliefs be altered by insults and brow beating.  Change comes from listening and incorporating the insights of others.

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  1. lorymusanaka permalink

    i just saw this and as always can relate to your thinking ways. doubt is certainly a part of my Path too, but now i know it has a right to be there. to help us go deep, to help us become the ones who want to overcome the doubt and find strength in the seeking, whatever kind one chooses. doubt can be the brakes but it also holds powerful energy in its very being. and as for what you say about change, i do share your same viewpoint. it actually made me think of something i heard Byron Katie say a few hours ago : “PEOPLE DONT CHANGE UNTIL YOU CATCH UP WITH THEM.”


  2. Thank you Lory, nice thoughts and wise.



  3. My Journey Out of Darkness permalink

    Doubt is healthy and wise! I recently told my son to be a fence sitter in everything you believe (I think I may have heard you say this, Marco). I told him that anything is possible but unless you have your own personal experience, sit on the fence. I suppose, maybe even if you do have your own personal experience, maybe you should still be on the fence!


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