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by on September 8, 2014


                                                              by Marco M. Pardi


Note: All comments are appreciated, read, and responded to accordingly.  I will certainly look forward to your comments.

“Acute illnesses are, with a few exceptions, nothing other than curative processes instituted by nature itself to remedy some disorder in the organism.”  Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860) “On Various Subjects” (1.F.) 1851.


Subject: The planetary ecosphere known to its dominant species as “Earth” or “Terra Firma”.

From: Clandestine Services Division

Principal Author: Exedor

Chief Contributing Researcher: Mork

There are many diseases of various etiology on this planet.  One of the consistent killers is a broad spectrum of related cellular dysfunctions known collectively as “Cancer”.  The multitude of cancers share common characteristics.  They include:

Genetic mutation resulting in a “Super Cell”, able to:

  1. withstand assault from the body’s immune system
  2. successfully reproduce at greatly increased rates
  3. commandeer nutrient sources from surrounding cells
  4. cannibalize surrounding cells
  5. quickly metastasize (spread and colonize) through the body
  6. remain invisible until beyond corrective window.
  1. Inherent fatal flaw:
  2. smart and strong enough to overcome all defenses
  3. not intelligent inasmuch as it kills its own host

Looking at the planet as a holistic ecosphere (termed GAIA by the few enlightened among the dominant species) and applying the criteria presented above it is suggested that the dominant species – Homo sapiens (a self appointed title meaning “Man the Wise” but known henceforth as “humans”), is a hitherto unrecognized form of Cancer.  Examples in support of this position follow.

Smart but not Intelligent:

A human,  Carl von Linne (Carolus Linnaeus) – 1707-1778, devised the taxonomic system known as the binomial nomenclature, effectively establishing the tripartite Animal, Plant, and Inorganic kingdoms and delineating the relationships therein.  Although taught in most school systems today, many humans persist in viewing being called “an animal” as pejorative.  Many still hold to a special and egomaniacally defined status as the special creation of an imaginary entity about which they can reach no consensus.  They are smart enough to devise the system, yet not intelligent enough to understand their place in it.  Consequently, the planet is in the middle of its sixth mass extinction of plants and animals, the worst rate of extinctions since the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, dozens of species going extinct daily and as many as 30 – 50% of all species by Earth year 2050. But this is no mere arithmetic progression; 99% of currently threatened species are at risk from habitat loss, introduction of exotic species, and global warming, putting at risk every other species closely inter-connected with them in the web of life. Thus, the process is exponential, not arithmetic and will very rapidly accelerate in coming decades.  Humans, seeing themselves as apart from Nature, pay no attention.  This self image is clarified when one asks a human if a ballpoint pen is a “natural” object.  Almost invariably they answer “No”, giving as reason that it is man made.  Their answer, ipso facto, places Man – and what he does or makes, outside of Nature. Humans are smart. They can make pens. Humans are unintelligent. They do not comprehend their own being.

Humans recently marked the 100th anniversary of the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon. Yet in the past 500 Earth years over 1,000 species are known to have gone extinct through human action.  Many of these actions are well documented and a full listing here would be cumbersome.  But a few ongoing examples (below) should suffice.

Many humans attend schools but, especially in the “Modern” countries few understand ecology.  Instead, they prefer to view ecologists as impediments to “progress”, where progress means making money at the cost of the environment.  One example is the refusal to acknowledge the trophic cascade resulting from the re-introduction of wolves into the American northwest.  Once almost exterminated, the wolves held populations of deer and elk in check.  Without the wolves, those populations soared.  In doing so they consumed vegetation in and around stream beds resulting in the collapse of the ecosystem which filtered and controlled water flow and provided habitat for fish, aquatic mammals, and birds.  Severe canalization of streams followed the destruction of the plants, accelerating water flow and erosion, destroying fish spawning areas, reducing beaver and other mammal populations and causing flash flooding which further destroyed vegetation.  Re-introduction of wolves reduced the deer and elk populations, driving them back from the stream beds which then recovered and restored the habitat for a cascade of related species.

Yet, these northwestern American States have re-introduced the killing of wolves, from the air, through trapping, and through “derbies” held for hunters. Why?  They give the spurious and exaggerated reason that wolves kill livestock.  The truth is that States make big money from the hunters who come for the abundance of deer and elk, hunters who defend their actions by claiming they “put meat on the table” when the cost of one hunting trip far exceeds a family’s annual meat budget.  The hunters are often executives with companies the State is befriending, and they are politicians.  In fact, the hunters simply like to kill, especially when the target cannot shoot back.  Humans are smart enough to be able to kill wolves, but too unintelligent to realize the consequences.

Thousands of acres around the world are burned daily to make room for single crop economies, such as cattle feed or palm oil.  The resulting habitat destruction is narrowing and erasing species daily. Even fellow Primates, sharing over 97% of their genes with humans, are hunted as “bushmeat”.  The same habitat destruction eliminates vast quantities of naturally occurring medicines.  68% of currently evaluated plant species are on the edge of extinction.  Around the planet, the two most common means of disposing of waste are open burning and dumping in the oceans.

“Civilized” countries such as Japan, Iceland and Norway continue to hunt and kill whales and dolphins.  Japan claims “scientific research” when in fact the meat ends up on tables for the rich or as dog food for the pets of those same rich.

The vanishingly small percentage of rich increasingly controls the lives and deaths of the exponentially growing poor, though many of these poor have little sense of their true standing since they have little or no ability to see and understand the lifestyles of the rich. For many, two cars and a flat screen television means they “have arrived.” And so they toil, in factories placed in areas where cheap labor is abundant and environmental regulations are few.  In work as suicidal as the new gold rush in South America, where illiterate laborers use their bare feet to press mercury into stream beds to recover gold, putting 30 – 50 tons of mercury into the Amazon ecosystem and eventually the Atlantic Ocean annually. Mercury is a neurotoxin, known as early as “The Mad Hatter” character who, as a hat maker, used mercury to cure and shape the felt resulting in absorption through the hands.

And for those who can spend a few days away from work there are the mega-entertainment venues often displaying the vestiges of species their labors are helping to reduce.  Among those who have heard of ecology very few have heard of ethology, the study of animal behavior.  And so a day at an aquatic park is spent in blissful ignorance, unaware that the Orca they are watching was snatched from a family pod, part of a larger clan system of related pods. The clans, overseen by elder females in a matriarchy, show unmistakable cultural differences including choice of foods, selection of mates, and games they play.  Vocalizations among clans are distinct from each other, just as human languages are distinct, with identifiable dialects at the pod level within each clan.  Abducting young Orcas from their pods is devastating to the pod members and to the overall clan.  Dropping them into cement vats to entertain short attention span humans drops their life spans from more than 60 years to something much short of that.  And, release back into the wild, separated from their pod, almost inevitably results in slow starvation and death.  These cultural characteristics also apply to a broad spectrum of mammal species.  Humans are smart enough to catch dolphins and whales, and too stupid and uncaring to understand what they have done.

SUMMARY:  As said previously, the enumeration of human cross match with the cancer spectrum could go on almost endlessly.  Throughout human history there have been various mitigators: Plagues (frequently variants of Yersinia pestis); Tuberculosis (Tubercle bacillus); Smallpox (Variola major & Variola minor); Malaria (Plasmodium falciparum); Polio (Poliomyelitis); and, HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus).  Add in the innumerable wars, often waged under the auspices of imaginary gods.  Yet, the current human population stands at 7.26 billion, projected at 7.30 billion by the time you finish reading this.

In this population there undoubtedly are some who are aware.  Yet, when they speak out they are branded as political ideologists and even their sexual orientation is called to question.  As a famous human (Jesus) reportedly said, “a prophet is without honor in his own country.”

RECOMMENDATION:  Humans overall show no signs of recognizing they are killing their host.  Viewed from the perspective of the ecosystem, they fulfill all the criteria as cancer.  Yet, sudden and precise extinction of humans, as in surgery to remove a tumor, would have a negative cascade effect on the environment, at least in the short term.

Decades of genetic research, done through our Abduction Program, have provided us with the knowledge and ability to isolate and modify a virus that, disseminated airborne and through fresh water, will irremediably and permanently render up to 90% of humans sterile.  A popular human author, Dan Brown, recently published a book entitled Inferno.  In it he projects the development and use of just such a virus.  Our Counter-Intelligence Division asserts a 95% degree of confidence that our agenda has not been compromised.  Fortunately,  many humans reflexively sniff and roll their ocular orbs at the mention of Mr. Brown, perhaps hoping by doing so to be seen as among the literati. 

While our original intent was to refine the virus to be ineffective against genes providing for superior intelligence, the pace at which humans are metastasizing calls for immediate action.  As testing has confirmed, successful infection with the virus presents no symptoms and results in no disabilities whatsoever beyond immediate sterility.  Human populations will blissfully continue their noisy, sloppy and indiscriminate coupling as before.  However, a 10% fertility rate should bring the cancer to a manageable, if chronic level.

Permission to execute Dissemination Protocol V is hereby requested.   

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  1. jkent33 permalink


    Once again you have outdone yourself with this insightful analogy; by comparing the destruction of our important ecosystem by man, to the destructive nature of cancer.

    Not only was it enlightening but equally entertaining!

    I will look forward with much anticipation to your next submission.



  2. Thank you, Jerry. And, I know I am one among many looking forward to your blog. Marco


  3. “Mork to Orson; come in Orson”; what a delightful read, and what a lovely homage to Robin Williams. Comparing human beings to a cancer on the planet, and then demonstrating how they are slowly (or not so slowly) killing their host: classic! Educational, enlightening, and yes, entertaining, this post is one of your best!

    Execution of Dissemination Protocol V is approved. A joke, of course, but not much of one. A few less stupid, greedy people on Gaia could hardly be considered a bad thing. Rose


    • Thank you, Rose. It’s hard to say a subject like this is enjoyable, but framing it through the eyes of an outsider seemed the way to go. I suspect Mork has read it, and approved.


      • Agreed, it is not (strictly speaking) the subject matter which is enjoyable, but your presentation of it. The same material, written from a purely scientific point of view, could have been quite dry. Thanks to you, that information was offered in a way which kept me reading to the end, and I learned a great deal in the process.

        You are right, we don’t always think things through to the end. It should be simple; If A then B, but it leaves out if B then what? Thank you for giving me the opportunity to think. Rose


  4. It was enlightening and so to the point, Marco, but also ringing of so much truth it almost hurt.
    So wish we could find a better way out than a sterilization virus !!
    Yet, great food for thought ! 😉


    • Thanks, FOAL. I tried to use only a few examples, but could have gone on for pages. I see no other option to the sterilization.


  5. Dana permalink

    Marco, I think this is one of your most important blogs to date. The only problem I see with it is that it isn’t as widely circulated as it should be.

    I would be interested to find out what some of the immediate effects would be if humans were suddenly extinct.


    • Thank you, Dana. As you know, my “hit counter” shows that it is read in dozens of countries, but only a tiny few ever respond – and I so very much appreciate yours.
      Not long ago I read a book which precisely and exhaustively answers your question. I will find it and send you the title.
      Thank you again for taking the time to respond. Marco


    • Dana, the one book which I think will answer your question is: The World Without Us by Alan Weisman. You can probably get a good deal through Amazon, and it may be in paper by now. Marco


      • Dana permalink

        Thank you for sending this. I have so many books I would like to read and have a running list!

        I cannot help but think about the countless animals incarcerated in zoos, aquariums, breeding/research programs, etc. As poorly as they fare now, it is frightening to imagine what would happen to them otherwise.


  6. khalid permalink

    Hi Marco, you get straight to the point. Awful truth is written throughout these lines. I wish I could say you are wrong, but I am afraid I can’t. Please accept this humble new reader, it was through FOAL that I could get here. So, I am grateful to FOAL for inviting me to land in your Blog. Khalid


    • Thank you, Khalid. I am quite happy you have joined us and I am sure we look forward to your comments on other pieces as well. FOAL is very special, and I’m also glad you are connected with her. All the best, and I look forward to your thoughts. Marco


  7. Khalid, you are in good company here !! Thanks for joining us !


  8. Thanks again, Khalid. Please share the blog site broadly. We all benefit from the interaction. Marco


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