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Dear Readers

by on February 27, 2015

                                                                 Dear Readers

                                                           from Marco M. Pardi

Some time ago I circulated among my email associates a suggestion that they propose topics they would like me to write about.  That suggestion netted several very worthwhile and productive ideas.

This blog site has software that enables me to see countries in which readers reside. It does not identify the readers in any way; it only specifies where and how many. Almost since inception the site has tallied readers in dozens of countries, literally spread across the globe. One of the more common entries to which the readers go is “archives”.

Thus, I feel readers are, by now, aware that I have written on a somewhat broad variety of topics.  Still, more often than not it is me selecting the topic.  With as many readers as are indicated, I feel safe in assuming there are some who, from time to time think “I wonder what he would say about (fill in the blank)”.  But I cannot address concerns I have not received the opportunity to read.  And, my Request for Proposals is not founded upon a conviction that I have the answers; it is founded on the reality that I am simply providing the forum.

As I understand it, permission to comment on this site is granted only after one provides very basic information, such as email address, for registration.  I assure everyone I am not “taking names”.  Furthermore, I know of no “New World Order” which has me on a watchlist and would conceivably implicate a registered associate as a fellow conspirator in the nefarious business of thinking.

So, I invite – and request from my readers, input on topics they would like to see discussed.  This is said primarily with the often rich comments sections which accompany the posts in mind.  I feel I have demonstrated a respectable degree of candor.  However, if I defer on a topic I will post the reason(s) why and invite other readers to take up the challenge.

If you, dear reader, feel comfortable in participating in this forum I ask that you do so through the comments option provided with each post.

And, please look forward to ongoing installments of Chrysalis.  Thank you very much. Marco 

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  1. Gary Reid permalink


  2. Thank you, Gary. Very innovative, and ripe for discussion.


  3. Dana permalink

    Marco, I don’t know if there is enough blog material for this topic, but how about the mind, experiences, and needs of an introvert from your perspective?

    Over the years I’ve too often been mistaken for shy, rude, or stand-offish (how one ex’s family described me after meeting me at dinner, when I was truly enjoying their company and family interaction).


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