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Cui Bono?

by on July 19, 2016

                                                                   Cui Bono?

                                                           by Marco M. Pardi

“Men are so simple and so ready to obey present necessities that one who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived.” Machiavelli (1469 – 1527) The Prince, 18, 1513. (By the way, Machiavelli was a relative of mine on my maternal grandfather’s side)

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To what purpose? To whose benefit? These are the common rendering of the Latin cui bono phrase.  It is an applicable question in a wide variety of contexts.  I will explore some here.

If you Google the phrase Why people vote against their own self interest you will find a long list of entries and discussion going back several years. You will also note the majority, if not the entirety, focus on “working class” self described Conservatives.  Since the 1970’s, as the ultra conservative religious (and very wealthy) demagogue Jerry Falwell anointed Ronald Reagan as heaven sent, Conservatives have had an increasing overlap with science rejecting – even logic rejecting religious fundamentalists.  Indeed, the nation began moving toward election of Minister in Chief.

So as the two candidates from the dominant political parties have emerged and the United States enters yet another grueling cycle of ads and speeches to influence the voters in November, it is again appropriate to ask, Cui Bono?

While there are some disparities between the Democratic upper echelon cabal and the base from which that party usually draws,  the contrast between the Republican upper echelon cabal and its base is even more striking than it has been in the past. Moreover, the disparity between the avowed positions of the Republican cabal and the good of the American people, even the entire planet, has arguably never been as wide and as clear as it is now.

One of the consistent platform overlays of the fundamentalists (Catholic and Protestant) and the Republicans concerns reproductive rights.  Let’s look at a bit of history to place this in context.  Since long before the formal appearance of Protestants the Catholic church banned contraception and abortion – yes, abortion and contraception were possible and practiced.  For centuries the Church effectively ruled Europe as a theocratic dictatorship – Holy Roman Empire; the Church anointed kings, not the people.  It is practically impossible to visualize society then as having a consciousness of separation of Church and State; the two were one.  The “Church Militant” saw itself as spreading throughout the known world. So how did bans on certain reproductive decisions benefit the Empire?  The theologians of the time would say they were bringing more souls to God.  In fact, coupled with an archaic system of inheritance, they brought more souls to abject poverty.  As all property flowed solely to the eldest son,  entire families were left to choose between effective bondage to that son or striking out as homeless people.  Needless to say, the monasteries and convents swelled with young people driven not by religious fervor, but by the call of “three hots and a cot”. 

As the population grew more young people turned to brigandage both in urban centers and rural surroundings.  Travel between villages became life threatening adventures. Ultimately, a solution presented itself in the rise of Islam.  As Islam spread up through the Levant, the Church declared the long defunct territory of Israel to be the Christian Holy Land, completely ignoring Muslim claims to holy sites in the Levant embedded in their own religion.  The solution to crippling overpopulation and poverty in Europe?  Rethink reproductive choice? No. Declare a holy Crusade against the Muslims, granting heavenly indulgences to all who partook.  While some participants may have had an eye for indulgences, their more pressing interest was in the slaughter of whole populations from whom they could plunder as they pleased, return to Europe with booty, or stay on the lands they had stolen from the centuries of inhabitants. Huge numbers answered the call.  In fact, the most egregious of the many Crusades was the Children’s Crusade; untold numbers of children perished in various ways or ended their lives in slavery when captured.

How does “ancient history” apply today?  A population is most servile when it is dis-empowered.  And how to accomplish that?  Ensure that measures to stabilize or reduce expenditures, such as school comprehensive sex education, contraception, abortion, are severely restricted or banned.  Lower levels in the power pyramid are sold the idea this is a moral issue.  Notice the Republican party is a staunch defender of the “unborn child”; yet at the very same time it is a staunch opponent of any and all social safety nets for the decent survival of that child. The highest echelon understands it as a control issue and religion as a formidable tool toward this end. Ensure there are just enough social programs, jobs that pay enough for distracting toys, and credit traps, and the riots in the streets are averted.

Multiple studies have found: 1. the abortion rate is hugely higher among the economically disadvantaged and, 2. there is a directly inverse relationship between abortion and crime.  Since Roe V. Wade the number of abortions has gone up and the crime rate, including violent crimes, has gone correspondingly down.  While the overall abortion rate has been declining for the past several years, States which have imposed the strictest barriers to abortion are seeing their crime rates increase, especially in drug related crimes.  Why do drugs have such a hold on so many Americans?  It may be that for far too many Americans, the American Dream is available only through a pipe, or syringe, or pill.  It seems appropriate that the Republican Convention is being held in a place called the Quicken Loans Arena.

So what becomes of the children born against the wishes or capabilities of their parents, born into families unable to help or support them through college?  George W. Bush’s “slip of the tongue” when he labeled the Iraq invasion a Crusade was impolitic, but accurate in the larger sense. Contrary to the propaganda of a military devoted to and driven by patriotism, the military services have become the new monasteries and convents of the 21st Century. They absorb thousands in search of 3 hots and a cot.  For those unable to pass the not-so-strict military entrance standards there is the multitude of low paid service and quasi-technical jobs. We have driverless cars, but not driverless garbage trucks.  Again, just enough returns to avert riots, enable people to buy lottery tickets (known in Texas as the “Mexican income tax”), attend sporting events, and watch “reality” and meat market shows on television.  Bread and circuses.  Where have we heard that before?  And overarching it all is the conflation of religious values and State (Elite cabal) values, subsidized by the tax payers since religious institutions can run their businesses tax free.  Of course they can. They are agents of the State, purveyors of morals (social order), and generators of cannon fodder and cheap labor instilling the farthest reaching ethic of delayed gratification yet – accept your life, heavenly reward is to come.

The 2016 presidential election cycle brings cui bono into one of its sharpest profiles in decades. Americans are looking (those who are looking) at the two candidates and the question, Of these two evils which brings me the better benefit.  And, there are those still holding out for their favored but defeated in the primaries candidate.  In the background are various factions supporting Independent, 3rd Party, and several issue candidates who have never, and likely will never get a chance of election.  Where is the benefit in voting for someone who has no chance of winning?  Simple.  It is in the completely self centered immediate satisfaction of having “stood on principle”.  And, it is most often to the benefit of the far worse mainline candidate.

Although a few die-hards still assert George W. Bush, a man who plunged America into an invasion of Iraq and a concurrent huge transfer of public money into the private hands of his colleagues, was a great president, most now admit his initial election was a huge mistake, most notably the invasion of Iraq.  Of course, in the same breath they dredge up the fallacy of “bad intelligence”, not knowing or ignoring how Bush political appointees at the top of the intelligence pyramid cooked the books to disguise the contrary information coming from the career operatives who had gathered it.  In the 2000 election George Bush and Al Gore were so evenly matched a recount was begun. The Supreme Court, stacked with Republican appointees, stepped in and stopped the recount, effectively appointing Bush as President.  But why was it so close to begin with?  The majority of the “also rans” were far closer to Gore than to Bush, but the people who voted for them simply could not or would not understand the political process and voted for their narrow interests. One also ran in particular, Ralph Nader, drew many thousands of votes away from Gore.

Now anyone with an I.Q. higher than their pulse rate “knows” what an economic, political, military, social, environmental, and humanitarian disaster the default appointment of Bush brought to the world.  Nice of them to discover it now.  Have a walk through the graveyards, the displaced persons camps, the environment dying from fossil fuel (House of Bush – House of Saud) pollution.  There are no second thoughts in Nature, just as there is no Second Nature. 

A large, homogenous, narrowly educated, dis-empowered and servile underclass is the font of cui bono for the elite rulers of a society.  Immigration, the influx of new ideas and new perspectives on long cherished ideas, especially religious ideas is a direct threat. How would some address this threat?  Spread a false narrative: “They are rapists, murderers, terrorists….”. Build a wall. Ban certain religions. But what about those already here? Deport them. Conformity test them: “All Muslims should be registered and tested to see if they sympathize with Sharia.”  The Jews of Nazi Germany were forced to wear yellow Star of David badges.  Can a red Crescent badge for American Muslims be far behind?  And while at it, demonize transgenders in restrooms as predatory pedophiles.

I happen to be in a demographic which would financially benefit immensely from a Republican oligarchy.  My financial cui bono.  But more importantly, I care more about the lives of my daughter and my grandchildren.  I care more about stopping the personal greed destroying this planet.  Each of the two current and likely Presidential candidates, not considering the others who would only split the vote, presents problems for me.  But I have always looked behind the candidates at the shadows to whom they will be beholden, at the powers they will have to appoint to the Supreme Court.  As a child born into a Fascist regime and witnessing the lifelong effects it had on family, I feel I recognize those currents again.  I hope every reader who is enfranchised to vote in the American election will apply the concept of cui bono in its largest sense and exercise the discipline to act on the undeniable realization.       

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  1. My Journey Out of Darkness permalink

    This is a wonderful post! I do not even know what to say! You always say it like it is! You can see behind the lies and the preambles. Thank you for sharing this! I hope that you share more of your insights between now and the election!


  2. My Journey Out of Darkness permalink

    Reblogged this on Ethereal Beings In My Life and commented:
    I just adore Marco! He does not sugar coat anything and he sees behind the matrix! Just had to share his blog post with you!


    • MJ. I’ve gone to your website and signed as a follower (I think). I’ve submitted a comment which got me an answer it was in review. But, I still do not see my comment or any new ones from quite a while ago.I also do not get messages about new posts. Marco


      • My Journey Out of Darkness permalink

        Marco, I just looked at my blog post and the comment you made on “A Spirit’s Views On Grief” is there. Is that the one you were speaking of?


  3. Thank you so much, MJ. I really am honored. Working together you and I, and the others who join in our discussions, can make progress. I very humbly say I am honored to share your journey with you. Marco


  4. I wish this article could appear in the New York Times editorial section. Or at bare minimum be distributed far wider than this site. I am going to share it all I can.


    • Thank you so much, Mary. MJ has re-posted it to her blog. I’ve signed on as a follower, and perhaps you might find it interesting as well. Marco


  5. My Journey Out of Darkness permalink

    It shows that you are following me. I approved your comment so it should be there. You should be receiving e-mails or something when I post something new. I have been ill so I have not posted anything in a couple days. I will look into it and get back to you. I think we may have to go into the post to see what the problem is.


  6. Let’s be honest here: The world has gone to hell in a hand basket, and all the wrong people are grappling for the handle. There is world-wide jihad, and our country seems on the verge of another civil war. It’s a battle, folks, and the hate-mongers are winning.

    I hate politics; not the governments, but the division and BS which decides which set of fools which will be controlling the circus for the next few years. There’s a reason why religion and politics are “forbidden” subjects for polite conversation: there’s nothing polite about them. They are the elephant (or donkey) in the room. My husband and I are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, and so he mutes all of the political commercials which clutter our airwaves. It doesn’t eliminate the discussions, but it certainly minimizes them. I’m not sure that’s a good thing; some thoughts need to be spoken.

    Your words, as usual, echo my thoughts on these subjects. It’s not Biblical doctrine which has driven me away from organized religion, but the control these organizations exercise over our everyday lives. “Don’t think; we’ll do that for you.”

    Think, my friends, and then share your thoughts with the world. They can’t silence us all.


    • My Journey Out of Darkness permalink

      Yes! Yes! Yes! I could not agree with you more! I have a serious problem with government and religion. Pretty much anything organized I am suspicious of. I feel it is all mind control. I also feel that way about schools. I never dreamed I would do this, but I gave my son permission to drop out of school as soon as he was old enough. He, his father, and I are much happier for it. I feel that “they” are trying to implement more and more mind control. We need to stand up and begin thinking for ourselves again. There are more of us than there are of them. We CAN take back our control!


      • Thanks, MJ. The decision about school must not have been easy, but I’m sure your son will thrive in an environment which provides both vital information and the critical thinking skills to process it.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Rose. I’m closely familiar with the domestic divide. And your urge to think and speak out is very welcome. It increasingly takes courage to do so.


  7. Mark Dohle permalink

    The time has come when people really have to choose a side. My hope is that when we each do we will use our conscience and not allow ourselves to be swept along by the so called culture war that is going on. Or perhaps there is one….I tend to be confused. The people I meet on a regular basis seem to be down to earth, well intended and thoughtful. Of course when two people get together who have opposing views, it does bring out the worst from both sides. I really see little difference between the two parties when it comes to public debate or should I say bashing. I know in the past it was no different, but with the internet the intensity is growing apace, and doing more harm.

    I am not sure how I will vote. Hilary I don’t trust, Trump, not sure what is behind the bolster. How is a Christian to vote? People tend to vote for self interest and often by their race…. which candidate will really deliver?

    I wish I was smarter, but I have never gotten politics so I think it freezes me into immobility. Perhaps politics will not change the country. The only way it will change is for each of us to ‘change’, or to ‘convert’, or to live out of beliefs in a manner that is consistent with what we say we believe. No matter what they are. If one is a Christian be one, if a humanist, be one, change from the bottom up. Hilary and her husband or in politics as a career, they have gotten rich with it. Nor sure they really care one way or the other. Trump, him I can’t figure out at all.

    I guess self examination must start with me….I think the scripture verse, “The just man falls seven times a day” applies with me. Perhaps we can’t be fixed at this time, but maybe there is some sort of law that states what when a society goes so far either way it will come to a crossroads and either live or die. Choose life the Scriptures says….will we, which way should we go?

    I guess the answer will depend on how deeply we actually out what we say we believe. I know Marco that among you friends I am the odd one out, but while I don’t always agree with everything you write, I love the way you think things through. Perhaps if more did what you did we would go the right way and choose life. I am just frustrated my friend.

    The advancement in technology and our lack of maturity may do us in.


  8. Thank you so much, Mark. If there is one thing about what you’ve written that I disagree with it is that you are the odd one out. Certainly not everyone agrees with everything everyone else says, but you are “odd”, even singular, in the lifelong pursuit of truth and the courage to seriously and deeply question your convictions. I write with absolute certainty and with sincere admiration when I say I am convinced everyone sharing in our conversations and everyone knowing you feels this very deeply about you. With all my respect, Marco


  9. Mark Dohle permalink

    Thank you Marco, please keep on sharing, we need more calm thinkers out there on both sides of the divide.



    • Dana permalink

      Br. Mark, I agree with the idea of calm thinkers. We are all unique in our own way. If anything, I am the “odd” one because I’m Canadian and thus unable to vote in the upcoming election.

      I will say that I am going to miss the Obama family – good people.


  10. If I can add a bit more to the mix, I’d like to say that there aren’t words enough in any language to describe the respect and admiration I have for both of you. It takes a lot of thought to work through the mess and confusion that this life has become, and reading those you share help me to define my own. I’ve spent my life searching for what feels like truth to me, and it is good to hear from others who have done the same. The Buddhist way is to not accept something as truth, but always to question what is put forth.

    This election has me confused; there seems to be no clear choice. In good conscious, I find it difficult to cast my vote for either candidate, and yet I feel that I must seek out the wheat from among all the chaff that is being cast, and to make the best decision I can. It feels a bit like sliding down the edge of a razor blade; choose a side, or be cut in half.

    And Mark, if a just man falls down seven times, it stands to reason that he must get up eight.


    • Mark Dohle permalink

      Thank you Rose, yes I get up eight times a day, or more LOL. I am glad that I am not the only one confused here. Sometimes the best thing to do is go with the ‘gut’ for it can be based on some deep intuition.



      • Dana permalink

        I don’t see any cofusion here, and I will be outspoken. Hillary is the clear choice.



  11. Thank you, Rose. Your insights and candor have been helpful to many, even though some may read and not respond. I sometimes flatter myself by thinking Mark and I are two sides of the same person. But he has lived, and is living a life of such intensity I can really see myself as only a dim reflection.

    If I were a wishing person I would wish the American electorate were as discerning and principled as you.


  12. Thank you, Dana. It seems many people concentrate on the candidates, who are merely the hand puppets of the groups behind them. The group nominally behind Trump is a disaster of greed and destruction for us, the rest of Mankind, and every living thing on this planet.


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