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Gaia, Forgive Them for They Know Not What They Do

by on November 27, 2016

Gaia, forgive them for they know not what they do.

                                 by Marco M. Pardi

Now that it is all but certain that Donald Trump will soon be taking the Oaf of Office I have chosen to release this updated piece.

All comments welcome.  To those readers who have been hesitant to comment or ask questions, please be assured you may do so freely. In recent days several new people have signed on as followers, enabling them to comment freely, and it is hoped they will. All previous posts are open for comment by clicking on “uncategorized”. Reader participation keeps this site vibrant. MMP


Trump is elected. Never in the history of political science has there been a clearer example of the inherently fatal flaw in the granting of self governance to a stunningly ignorant and proud to be stupid society.

For the record, I have never identified with any political party.  I choose the puppet I vote for by examining the cadre backing him/her.

I will candidly say I am in an economic demographic which would greatly benefit from declared domestic Republican tax policies but as a retiree I will suffer far more from the international disaster a Trump victory would bring to the world financial markets. And,  the completely bleak future for my daughter and grandchildren far outweighs any potential financial benefits, if I receive them, from Republican tax policies.

When the word Fascism is heard in the United States it evokes images of “boots & salutes”, the take-aways from seemingly endless WWII television documentaries showcasing goose stepping troops and raised arms.  But this is only one manifestation of Fascism.  At heart, Fascism is an economic philosophy.

Born into and partially raised in Mussolini’s Fascist Italy (Rome),  owning and reading Mussolini’s autobiography, and studying Gaetano Salvemini’s Under the Axe of Fascism, I feel the underlying agenda of Republicans even pre-dating Reagan is Fascism. Indeed, Salvemini documented in endless detail the dozens of editorial endorsements and sycophantic praises heaped on both Mussolini and Hitler by American chief editors, politicians – including Prescott Bush, the patriarch of the Bush dynasty, business leaders such as Henry Ford, and luminaries such as Charles Lindberg. In fairness, America at the time was struggling to emerge from the Great Depression, a financial collapse brought on by the unregulated Wall Street excesses under Herbert Hoover, the Republican president. The Labor Movement was winning improved labor conditions for workers, sometimes in the face of armed resistance from the robber-baron ruling class. Socialism, even sympathy for Marxist communism, was growing in strength.  Indeed, in Italy the Italian Communist Party, though outlawed, was quickly gaining adherents.  After the war they steadfastly rebuffed Soviet overtures.

Fascism, and especially the Nazi version, was the declared enemy of communism, and by extension even socialism despite the title, National Socialist German Workers Party. It ruling hierarchy was the antithesis of socialism.  

Mussolini defined Fascism: “Fascism is corporatism.” He went on to explain how public funds – taxes – should be redirected to private corporations for them to provide State services. Of course, the corporations selected for this honor would be those most willing to contribute financial support to the Fascist Party.

Reagan (actually G.H.W. Bush the covert president) enacted this through phasing out the Civil Service Retirement System and replacing it with the Thrift Savings Plan. The CSRS was tax funded and government administered.  The TSP took those public funds and invested them in the stock market, favoring those companies most likely to re-pay the administration with financial support for that Party.  A huge transfer of public funds to private corporations done and administered by an unelected official appointed by the administration.  Tax “incentives” for large corporations (“trickle down economics”) rendered these corporations largely immune to costs, shifting the burden for their support and security to the less empowered tax paying citizens, including even the workers in those corporations.  Later, Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich brought the U.S. government to an almost complete stand-still in his effort to, among other such moves,  privatize Medicare in the same way. G.W. Bush attempted to do the same with Social Security, but was stopped by people wise to the agenda.  However, Bush revised Medicare with a Part D drug coverage. What went largely unnoticed was the provision that individuals opting for Part D were, and are, unable to singly or as a class negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. “Big Pharma” was handed an Extortion Card, and contributed massively to Republican campaigns at all levels.

Yet, the plan to fully privatize Medicare and Social Security (generated by House Speaker Paul Ryan)  is still afoot, as is the massive transfer of public funds to private companies that own and run prisons; the prison companies have contract clauses which allow them to sue the State if the State does not provide a certain yearly quota of prisoners.  Do you think that has no effect on sentencing?  For several years the American prison population as a percentage of total population far exceeds all other nations of comparable legal and developmental systems. And, of course, the prison companies are major donors to Republican campaigns.

Wall Street, as exemplified by the swelling stock market, is agog with the prospect that Trump’s infra-structure development plans will be another record transfer of public money into private hands, the corporations which, receiving this money, will use it to ensure the continued grip of their benefactors on the reins of power.  At the same time, the decades old Republican effort to cast off regulations of any kind, health and safety, product liability, environmental wisdom, and controlling of the surreptitious financial undermining of competing economies will almost certainly come to fruition. “Defense” contractors are already opening their troughs for the influx of public money into super (and superfluous) weaponry, including the weaponization of space.

The Republicans ousted Richard Nixon for, among other things, creating the Environmental Protection Agency. Their continued efforts at de-funding the agency and enacting de-regulation are crudely advanced by Trump’s claims that “Climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese.” Somewhat less crude, and arguably more effective has been their campaign to portray coal and natural gas, especially the latter, as “clean energy”.

The Affordable Care Act, a favorite whipping post for Republicans, was actually modeled on a successful Republican program in Massachusetts.  However, since it was adjusted for nation-wide use by Obama, Republicans disowned it and pronounced it anathema.

Republicans have repeatedly chanted their mantra: Abolish and replace.  Yet, they have never produced a proposed replacement. It seems their plan is to return Americans to the mercy of the insurance industry giants, heavy contributors to Republican causes.

The Republicans stated their agenda was to “make the Obama presidency a failed presidency”.  In other words, they would do all they could to wreck the country if it is not run their way. Their obstructionism of the past years has led many Americans to erroneously conclude that all politicians are at fault and should be replaced by a strongman.  This is how dictatorships are made. What’s that old saying, “He made the trains run on time”?

While some may think they can stage manage Trump in office, as was done with Reagan and G.W. Bush, they fail to realize those who allowed the ascension of Hitler thought the same thing.  Trump’s “arrest and deport” agenda is Hitlerian ethnic cleansing under color of law. Remember that old saying, “They came first for the ____, (and ending with) “and then they came for me.”

Trump’s presumed puppet master, Mike Pence, is a fundamentalist Christian zealot whose extremist pro-birth at any cost position would ensure the return of a large under-educated and impoverished underclass with little choice but the military, the “three hots and a cot” option with free health care and access to paid education.  This makes a “strong military” look more like a military composed of people with no place else to go.

Despite the very recent uptick (particularly characterized by spiraling Hate Crimes against minority targets of the White Trump base), crime rates have fallen dramatically since the legalization of abortion.  This is not saying the aborted fetuses were by nature criminals; it is saying that the hopelessness of poverty and the resort to criminal means of survival can obviously be successfully mitigated through empowering women and families to take steps to prevent the crushing burden of unwanted children or children born with lifelong medical requirements that, under a Republican system would be provided little or no support. 

The long standing Republican hatred of the public school system came up for vote in Georgia through an Amendment which would re-direct tax funds to a private company to take over “failing” public schools.  The privatized prison system is the model. The administration of this school program would be through a governor appointed sole individual, with no input allowed from schools, teachers, parents or students. In Georgia, the daughter-in-law of the Republican governor pushing this program is making a fortune through her lobbying firm for the company which would get the contract.

Now in my mid-seventies, I have seen elections during which people vowed to leave the country were a certain Party to win. Sadly, this is no longer an option.  The Republican agenda, especially its destruction of the environment in the name of economic growth, will bring disastrous consequences to every living thing on this planet.  There will be no safe haven.   

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  1. Since early morning after the election, I have been suffering from a deep depression. How could this have happened? Don’t people recognize evil when they see it? Maybe someone needs to remind them that Lucifer was a fallen angel, and look at what he tries to do.

    On that first morning after, I told myself to just hold my breath and just see what happens. Well, I’ve turned blue in the face while looking for a glimmer of hope, but there doesn’t seem to be any. Every day brings a new piece of horror to this never ending nightmare. It haunts my daylight hours, and has even found its way into my slumber.

    My husband says that none of the proposed bad things will actually happen; that he will have advisors around him to add some sanity to the mixture. Have you seen who he is choosing to be his advisors? Has he? I am amazed and horrified at the number of people who still believe that this is a good thing. It isn’t political any more, it’s social, and the possibilities terrify me. Even if you hope there is some sanity to be found in the congress… I see a party power trip in the making.

    Many years ago, a psychic told me that I had a very old soul which had been around since the beginning of time, often incarnating at times of major world transitions. I don’t imagine even she could have seen this coming. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I DO NOT feel fine.


  2. Thank you, Rose. Yes, the news seems to get worse and worse. Add to that the latest figures that minorities – ethnic, religious, sexual orientation, etc., are arming themselves for their own protection at record rates.

    Of course, this incoming power cabal would like nothing more than for us to withdraw and divert ourselves with the proliferation of toys and other forms of amusement. I’m well aware that even writing this puts me at some risk. But somewhere in life we hit a stopping point and become willing to face the consequences.


    • I’m sorry, I guess I over spoke with my last comment, but the core of it remains my truth. With every new choice of advisor, I am more and more afraid of the direction in which they seem determined to take this nation. Yes, we need change, but this is in the wrong way to make it happen.

      I remain willing to give this new administration a chance, but that becomes more difficult with each passing day. Presidents are not all-powerful, but with the congress backing him, this one is not far from it. People keep telling me that our legislature will not allow these awful things that are being proposed come to fruition, but it is difficult to have much faith in that. Those nearest to me have blinders on; others actually seem to support what terrifies me the most.

      This is not the first thing you have ever written which I thought might put you at risk. I guess sometimes we have to choose what matters the most, and do what it takes to protect it, no matter the cost. Usually silent on political matters, I have opened my mouth and tried to spread my truth. It’s hard, and it’s scary, but someone has to do it.


      • I saw nothing wrong with your earlier statement. And you are entirely correct in your perceptions of his ongoing choices of advisers and cabinet henchmen. In fact, our discussion on this topic alone could go on for the foreseeable future.

        Of course, I do not know what resources you have in your area but I would be looking for local chapters of Sierra Club, Planned parenthood, or whatever most appeals to you. The day to day issues may not always seem relevant, but the association with like minded people would be valuable.


  3. This post was as if you were writing material from my head and thoughts. Of course, the history was new to me and fascinating to read. Much I could draw from my past as elections unfolded developing into my life then.

    Rose’s comments are much of what I now feel and experience daily. Nightmares after watching late news of Trump and his antics are becoming a way of life greatly influencing my recovery from this past setback in my health. I hear what the mental health caregivers are spinning and frankly find most of it ineffective. I’m finding myself losing control after hearing friends and family defending the results of the last election. Some even suggest I pray about my negative feelings…my comments in my mind would be unbelievable to many and not worth going there.

    I find more solace plunging myself in science and technology regarding health and longevity. I hope I will not be forced to change my lifestyle and keep my status quo. I only either read or watch PBS documentaries during my waking hours. Last night I watched a current Charlie Rose segment on the new IBM computer called Watson named after the founder of IBM. It started development in 2004 when they challenged the chess master Garry Kasparov in 2011 and won. Watson was designed to capture all of the results from drug trials, advancements in healthcare and all things written about health into a giant file available to all health-givers around the world. It appears a giant leap into assisting doctors during their discovery stages when attempting to cure patients.

    This sort of activity is all that I seek to make sense of my future. Again, I hope you can forgive me for my tardiness in responding to your post. Each day brings more hope that I will again get back to life as I knew it. I have more to share on this subject relating to this post and will do so, but my time and ability to assemble my thoughts are currently out of time at the moment but look forward to more.


    • Thank you very much, Jerry. I am aware that many of my posts are thought of as “downers” by some. I hope this has not worsened your health. I see talking about reality as helpful, even uplifting in a strange sort of way. Yes, we can be mired in this, but we can also recognize ourselves as above it.

      I admire your pursuit of science and knowledge. Please know that in those moments you feel alone in this pursuit, you are not.


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