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true friends

by on September 17, 2020

true friends are ones

         who bring new hope

                 like sunny skies above

as twinkling stars

           on lonely nights

                 you’re lit up by their love

and without bounds

            they take the time

                  to ease away your fears

and when you’re down

             and so alone

                   they’re there to wipe your tears

true friends are ones

              who give their hearts

                    that shine with love so strong

they’re people that

               you’ll always feel

                     with them you can belong

i’m glad i have 

               a friend in you

                      and when we’re far apart

remember that

                you have a friend

                       who has you in her heart

by dana renee 

for kimberley jayne

8 june 1987

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  1. Ray Rivers permalink

    Really sweet – please pass along to Dana…

    Ray Z. Rivers 445 Mountsberg Rd., Campbellville ON L0P 1B0 Home and Mobile – 905-659-2069


  2. Dana, This is really excellent. In fact, I’m sitting here trying to find words that are not just technical, and that convey the emotional feeling I have in reading this. You are truly a wonder.


    • Dana permalink

      Thank you, Marco. I still have my handwritten version of the poem in a journal Kim created for me during the summer of 1987. I’ve lost most everything from my childhood and adolescence including years of poems, stories, and songs I wrote. I’m so glad to have her journal in my possession. It’s a timeworn, beloved treasure.


  3. Mike Stamm permalink

    Wonderful. And exactly the sort of thing I need to hear when I find myself resorting to doomsaying and pessimism.


    • Dana permalink

      Thank you, Mike. Balance is critical for me.

      I met my dear friend Kim on the first day of fourth grade, and wrote this poem for her when I was sixteen years old. For many years our friendship aided in my childhood and adolescent resiliency. I’m ever proud and happy to call her my friend, and we’re still in contact four decades later.


  4. William Boyd permalink

    The poem reminds me of an idiomatic verb I’ve learned from a Mexican dialect of Spanish: “apapachar,”– to caress with one’s soul.

    Thank you, Dana


    • Dana permalink

      That’s lovely, Bill. Thanks for responding and for teaching us something new.


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