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Letters from Sasha: A Poem

by on November 8, 2021

Note: Sasha would like readers to know she wrote this poem to express feelings about a confusing time in her life. It is not necessarily directed toward anyone other than herself – a self she didn’t fully realize until several years ago. Knowledge is power.

into the void

last night she didn’t sleep a bit

don’t worry she’ll be fine

but once again she’s in the pit

(the void shaped like your mind)

no other mind will ever do

no things can satisfy

no drug is ever shaped like you

the shape that gets her high

it’s not her fault she never knew

she didn’t know her brain

could dig a hole shaped just like you

then fill it up with pain

the Special Interest far beyond

a train, a plane, a map

sometimes she wants a magic wand

to free her from your trap

a bump, a drink, some tears, a song

yet nothing fills the hole

it’s good it’s bad it’s right it’s wrong

confusion takes a toll

most times content but later sad

her tears mixed up with joy

then discontent with feelings glad

the muse the fan the toy

it’s not your fault you couldn’t know

you’ll never know her brain

or places she thought she might go

or wishes wished in vain

she’s better now yet not today

today she’s in the throes

of thoughts that will not go away

so to your mind she goes

she yearns and waits and looks for word

your words can soothe her soul

and leave her feeling reassured

(but words can’t make her whole)

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  1. Sasha. This is a deeply moving piece. To say this reflects great talent would be totally inadequate. It is the manifestation of a personhood who has courageously gone fully within, to discover and understand the utter and true core of one’s being, understand that core, and bring it into expression which deeply touches all who read it and realize it as a guide into our own journeys, embracing the pain and the joy of living and discovering.

    In this respect, and I’m sure in every other, you are a Bodhisattva. I am in awe of you.


  2. Dana permalink

    Marco, you expressed that so beautifully and eloquently there is little I could add. I do hope we hear more from Sasha through not only her journals, but also through her poetry.

    Here is a response to you from her:

    “Thank you for the kind words, Marco. I’m at a loss for my own since I can be very hard on myself. Sharing this was cathartic. I’m grateful for the opportunity and avenue you’ve provided.

    I would like to end this comment with a quote from a beautiful song by Lady Gaga (Always Remember Us This Way): “You found the light in me that I couldn’t find.”

    Ever grateful,



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