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Marco M. Pardi QoD:

by on June 21, 2021

I don’t need to pick the flowers to enjoy the garden.”


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  1. Dana permalink

    Thanks for posting these quotes, V. I’ve enjoyed reading them, and always look forward to the next.


  2. Dana permalink

    Marco, when you have a moment could you provide some context for this quote? I’m curious about the origin. Thank you!


  3. Thanks, Dana. My response is: Wow! Apparently Vampirella has excellent sources. I do remember saying this, because the context was so offensive. In the mid-1970’s I was an early 30’s tenured – and recently divorced – professor at a state college. The co-ed student body was predominantly female, ranging in age from 18 to middle age. Many of the women were quite stunning.

    Between classes I stopped for coffee in the crowded faculty lounge and two fellow faculty loudly called out to me, asking if I were dating any of the “many” young women who were coming to my office and obviously making themselves available. I was stunned nearly silent, but managed to speak the quote Vampirella cites.

    As one of the youngest faculty, I can’t imagine many of those in the lounge are still living. Perhaps Vampirella is the granddaughter of one of them and heard the story passed down. I seem to think Vampirella lives somewhere in Eastern Europe. Nonetheless, that quote embodies the ethic I maintained while teaching at that college and at several subsequent colleges and universities until I retired from teaching. Marco


  4. Dana permalink

    Marco, my response is Wow! too.  It was the perfect reply to an offensive question, and speaks to your character in a blithe tone.  There really wasn’t anything more they could have said after your response.  

    Throughout my life people have insinuated all sorts of things about me as well, so I can empathize with your experience.  Thanks for sharing the background, and I do hope we’ll hear more from Vampirella.


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